Impact of predator-free enclosure yet to be seen – Timaru Herald

The second season of monitoring an endangered grasshopper at a predator-free enclosure near Tekapo has not found a notable increase in the population, but that is to be expected, its project manager says.

“[There was] no notable increase in first year but that is to be expected as they are slow maturing and take two years to reach adulthood,” Simone Cleland, Te Manahuna Aoraki project manager, said.

In 2018, Te Manahuna Aoraki built a 6000 square metre predator free enclosure at Patterson’s Terrace, an abandoned gravel road south of Tekapo, to study the robust grasshopper which can be found in the area.

Tara Murray, senior lecturer at University of Canterbury and Department of Conservation advisor, said the site was a “pretty unnatural” habitat for the grasshoppers which would normally live in dynamic braided rivers.


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