Te Manahuna Aoraki Project team hiring

Recently Te Manahuna Aoraki Project board approved the next five year phase of the project, subject to securing the appropriate funding. While we’re working on the funding aspects we’re also looking to build the project team in Twizel, with the support of our colleagues at Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP).

The next five years will be primarily focussed on pest elimination – proving elimination techniques across different environments, before scaling operations across larger expanses of the project area.

If you’re interested in helping the Te Manahuna Aoraki Project team rid this landscape of introduced weeds and predators so our native species can thrive take a look at these job descriptions and get in touch. Note : These are permanent roles

Te Manahuna Aoraki Project lead

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Project lead Job description


Te Manahuna Aoraki Project Administrator

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Administrator job description


Community ranger

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Community ranger job description


Field team lead

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Field team lead job description


Field ranger

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Field ranger job description


Field ranger / contracts lead

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Field Ranger / Contracts lead job description